8 – Communication Problems Reported

The central issue for most people who have hearing loss and for their communication partners is breakdown in communication. Both the person who has hearing loss and his or her communication partner(s) contribute to difficulties in communication, and both need to cooperate in attempting to prevent or reduce these problems.However, in order to even begin to minimize communication problems stemming from hearing loss, both the person speaking and the person listening need to understand the major causes of communication problems. They also need to understand that hearing loss is only one causal factor and that most of the other causal factors can be prevented or reduced.

When consumers know the variety of causes of communication problems, several beneficial things happen.  First, they stop blaming their hearing loss or hearing aids for all communication breakdowns they experience. Second, they are better able to pinpoint the cause of specific communication problems. Third, they are then able to suggest solutions for problems they experience. Fourth, they are able to anticipate potential problems in the future and plan strategies for preventing or reducing them.

Gaining better understanding of the factors involved in communication situations and having strategies for increasing understanding both have a powerful, positive effect on increasing self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Factors that Influence Understanding 

Speaker Factors that Influence Understanding

Environmental Factors that Influence Understanding

Listener Factors that Influence Understanding