7 – Closure and Post Employment


Significant counselor/consumer contact is recommended after suitable job placement has been made to be certain that the consumer has made a satisfactory adjustment. Remember, it is not usually the consumer’s inability to perform the work tasks that interferes with his/her continued and successful employment. Counselors must attend to the following:

Post-Employment Services 

At the time of IPE development, and at the time of closure, the counselor must inform the consumer of the potential for post-employment services. When the consumer requests additional services after closure, the VR counselor must determine whether it is most appropriate to provide services in post-employment or open a new case. If there are new or extensive issues to be addressed to resolve problems on the job or if the consumer is changing to a new job or position, a new case may be considered.

If the consumer needs minimal assistance to address on the job difficulties, post-employment may be appropriate. Since eligibility does not have to be re-established, the counselor can act quickly in a job threatening situation. Some post-employment services that may be considered for consumers who are hard of hearing or late deafened include:


After finishing this section, return to the answers for the Self-Analysis Questionnaire. Review the ratings for the questionnaire to determine any differences and thoughts after completing this training.