14 – Client Group Benefits

The Benefits of Consumer Groups

Learning how to do all of this effectively requires:

Learning how to do all of this effectively requires: 

A consumer group format is the most effective and efficient way to accomplish all of this.

There are many situations related to hearing loss that require a person who is hard of hearing and/or his/her communication partner to respond effectively on the spot. Many times the most effective responses are not in people’s behavioral repertoire, and they need to be taught and practiced with feedback provided. The key ingredient is practice, practice, practice. The major benefits of seeing consumers in a group are that:

It is recommended that, whenever possible, communication partners be included in the groups.

Group format provides opportunity for consumers to:

Potential benefits for VR professionals of conducting groups include: 

Another benefit of seeing consumers in groups occurs when consumer’s and their communication partners learn and understand the variety of causes of communication difficulties, they often stop or curtail blaming the hearing aids for many of the continuing communication problems they experience. One result has been a decrease in the return rate of hearing aids when such programs have been offered.