1 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What browser should I use to view the website?

If your browser is out of date, some of the features for the site will not work correctly, including the video display. Please upgrade your browser to the latest version of  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Is there a printable PDF file for counselors who want to print the website information?

Yes, you can download each chapter below:

The most current PDF for the complete website is available here.

Will counselors receive CRC credit during field testing?

This course is pending CRCC approval for 12 hours.

Has the material been screen reader tested?

VR4HearingLoss is programmed using “valid mark-up” and has been tested with a screen reader emulator. Commonly used screen readers should be compatible.

Will counselors be allowed to return to training material as they are completing the assessment to find answers?


Will counselors be able to print a CRC completion certificate directly from the website?

No. Verification of completion (VOC) forms are provided by authorized providers. See Receiving Credit for VR4HearingLoss or Contact us to process your CRCC.

If there are updates, such as new videos or other materials, added after the website is launched will previous website users be notified?

The VR4HearingLoss developers will send a periodic update to users who have given feedback via the Tell Us What You Think Link. At the grant cycle’s conclusion (September 2013), we will send a formal website launch announcement that will serve as a reminder to view the final product.