4 – For VR Professionals

Introduction to VR4HearingLoss.net for the Vocational Rehabilitation Professional

People who are hard of hearing or late deafened are a large, underserved population in the United States who could benefit from VR services. Their service needs are broad and most often go beyond the provision of hearing aids. VR4HearingLoss.net will help orient VR professionals to the range of needs and possible services for persons who are hard of hearing or late deafened. These services lead to enhanced workplace success and improved quality of life for consumers.

As a Vocational Rehabilitation Professional, you have many choices about how to gain and maintain your expertise. With the goal of streamlining your efforts for professional development, the VR4HearingLoss.net training resource is aligned closely with requirements of the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification®. Pre-approval for 12 hours of CRCC credit has been granted.

If you wish to complete the VR4HearingLoss.net training, it is recommended that you discuss this resource with your manager/supervisor. Their support is essential to helping you successfully complete and implement this training resource into your professional practice. The objectives below highlight key learning outcomes from the training. For each learning module, an online assessment is offered. Learners must score 80% to receive notification that they have successfully completed each learning module. The modules are called Who, What, How & Where. Each module reflects content for CRCC credit. There is also a set of training material designed specifically for state coordinators and other administrators. This section is called For State Coordinators and Administrators under the Getting Started tab and is also directly linked at the top right corner of the VR4HearingLoss.net homepage. This section also reflects content for CRCC credit.

The Contributors to VR4HearingLoss.net have decades of experience in facilitating and providing high quality services to adults with hearing loss. We hope you find this training resource to be helpful in your work of serving this population. As you use this resource, please take a moment to Tell Us What You Think.

Learning Objectives for VR4HearingLoss.net

Module 1 Objectives: WHO are our clients with hearing loss?

Module 2 Objectives: WHAT are the physical characteristics of hearing loss and what are ways of diagnosing and managing the condition?

Module 3 Objectives: HOW can vocational rehabilitation professionals appropriately prepare to serve consumers with hearing loss?

Module 4 Objectives: WHERE can people with hearing loss find current information, long-term support and tools for self-advocacy?

Printable Introduction and Objectives for VR4HearingLoss

Download the printable vr4hearingloss site