10 – What Assessment

Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are used to test the integrity of which part of the auditory system?

Acquired hearing loss in adults typically

Assistive devices work on which of the following communication platforms?

An individual is a good candidate for a bone anchored implant if they have

Cochlear implants are designed for

Cell phones might be a useful assistive device for individuals with hearing loss due to

Hearing aids have a feature that can help the wearer ‘focus’ his or her attention in front of them. This feature is referred to as

Hearing aids can connect to landline telephones through the following means

Of the hearing losses described below, which one would likely cause the most difficulty in conversing in a noisy background?

Hearing sensitivity is expressed in which of the following units?

Which of the following assistive devices is ‘hard-wired’?

Each of the following is considered a critical cell phone feature EXCEPT

Physicians may be able to repair a problem in which portion(s) of the auditory system?

Aural Rehabilitation programs available on computer are designed for which reason?

Which of the following can result in a conductive hearing loss?

Which of the following tests most closely mimics how people listen in everyday situations?