Conclusion and Model State Plan References

The charge for the future is to find creative ways to turn challenges into opportunities for continued quality and growth of VR program availability and excellence for consumers who are hard of hearing and late deafened.

In addition to the resources in this module, the MSP can be accessed for supplemental information that will be helpful in assessment and strategic planning. The Model chart is therefore presented again below, along with links to the MSP in appropriate stages of the assessment and strategic plan development.

See additional targeted resources in the Model State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Persons who are Deaf, Deaf Blind, Hard of Hearing, and Late Deafened MSP

* MSP Chapter Titles Referenced

Chapter 1- Population

Chapter 2- VR Process

Chapter 3- Personnel Standards

Chapter 4- Transition Services

Chapter 5- Communication Access

Chapter 6- Technology & Accommodations

Chapter 7- Partnerships

Chapter 8- IL Skills

Chapter 9- Future Directions