Using VR4HearingLoss

Why should I explore VR4HearingLoss?

VR4HearingLoss is designed to offer user-friendly, free, easily-accessible training for the VR professional who wants to learn more about serving the growing consumer population with hearing loss. Throughout the website, you have opportunities to learn more about persons with hearing loss and techniques for providing better, more successful vocational rehabilitation services to them.

At every step, this resource was developed with you, the VR professional, in mind. The expert contributors (make a live link to the Contributors page) have decades of experience in serving, leading, and advocating for persons with hearing loss within the vocational rehabilitation setting. This website captures their expertise and offers it to you in a convenient learning platform. Funding for the development of this resource was provided by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). If you have questions about the development or use of the website, please contact us. After you have used the website for your professional training needs, please take a moment to tell us what you think.

How do I use the website most productively?

The website contains four content modules – each of which offers information essential to your training. The content is designed to be reviewed in the order it is presented (Who, What, How & Where). At the end of each content module, there is an assessment for you to measure and document your learning. The content can be studied in a few lengthy sessions over a short period of time, or many sessions over a long period of time. It is up to you! Although the content is meant to be learned in order, as a resource, the website is helpful for browsing particular topics of interest and easily returning to areas about which you want more in-depth study. A web-based learning environment combines the content of a book and the dynamic nature of a website such as linking in other web-based resources, the ability to view and hear video, and the convenience of having a full training resource available in your office, at home or on the go.

If you successfully complete the VR4HearingLoss training resource, you will complete the following actions:

Printable Introduction and Objectives for VR4HearingLoss